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RE-2 & 20 Power Amplifier Renaissance

The art of reproducing music - An Awakening of sound

The Renaissance, the reconsideration of primitive culture which originated in Italy in the 14th Century, brought a wave of innovation of diversified fields such as art, learning, politics and religion that quickly spread over Europe. It was with this spirit of 'Renaissance' that PHASS RE-2 was developed as the innovative stereo power amplifier which creates a completely new sound in the car audio field. The RE is equipped with a classic circuit construction and is invested with carefully selected parts, as well as various custom developed parts, which have undergone extensive sound-quality tests and elaborate tuning. The PHASS RE-2 marks the dawn of the renaissance in power amplifiers; the merging of classic design with the latest technology has produced a new amplifier for our times.

Renaissance of Music - the fusion of classic design and modern technology.

The circuit construction of the PHASS RE-2 is extremely simple. This power amplifier is equipped with a standard type power supply stage which makes use of semiconductors to follow a circuit layout of Vacuum Tube amplifiers. Accordingly, the RE-2 is very different from single-ended, push-pull amplifiers which are mainstream today. Attempts have been made to develop this great circuit in the past, but it proved too costly or unreliable. However, the RE-2 has succeeded in fusing the classic amplifier circuit with the latest technology to produce a superior power amplifier. Modern society, in its rapid changes, has deserted or overlooked many valuable things on the basis of rationality or economics. But the RE-2 followed the example of past great circuits, in the same way that the Renaissance re-evaluated Greek and Roman culture, and obtained a quality of sound that redefines the existing measures of value.

The RE-2 has a fundamental sound quality and expression which leaves the S.E.P.P. (Single ended Push Pull) amplifiers behind.

The right part in the right place - the selection of audio parts in pursuit of vivid sound and the development of exclusive parts.

In order to develop an amplifier which achieved 'organic' sound - be able to convey the heart of the musician as if the music was being performed in front of one's eyes - it was absolutely necessary to re-evaluate the heart of the amplifier. Our Technical staff selected the standard type push-pull power supply circuit as part of the solution, but this circuit needed to be equipped with a single output transformer with advanced capacity. Such a transformer was not yet on the market and so we worked with a manufacturer of transformers to develop the kind of transformer we needed to incorporate into the RE-2. Thanks to the completion of this advanced transformer, RE-2 realized the exclusion of influence from the power supply stage that effects the sound quality of an amplifier. It was therefore not necessary to adopt dual monaural construction in our amplifier.

However simple a circuit may be, the quality of the parts will be always affected the quality of sound. We have invested RE-2 with many top-quality audio parts such as custom-made transformers for the power supply circuit, custom-made audio grade condensers by Nippon Chemi-Con, Tantalum condensers, audio grade input transformers by Tamura, audio grade Volumes by Tokyo Kouon and Hi-grade Takuman resistors etc.

A departure from ostentation

Natural tones. The achievement of dynamic sound and three-dimensional focus, without compromise.

RE-2 has been invested with carefully selected and exclusive original electric parts which have been tuned-up at great length. The tuning-up for RE-2 is fundamentally different from the way that usual amplifiers are tuned. The parts were not chosen based upon specifications and compromises, but were individually checked by listening to their quality of sound and their ability to work in harmony as a whole to produce the best possible sound, without any preconceptions. Our adoption of complicated inter-connected wiring unsuitable for mass production and special assembling technique are the result of our uncompromising quest for quality and sound. The passion for music and fidelities of our developer have been conferred upon the exceptional characteristics of RE-2. The persuasive and so realistic as to be vivid sound, the three dimensional focusing ability of sound that can create beautiful images, the ability to express the detail of music, the ability to reproduce the atmosphere of a concert hall, entrancing the listener - RE-2 has accomplished graceful and powerful sound reproduction.

The low electric power consumption design.

RE-2 adopts large speaker terminals, which hold cables firmly in place and enables strong output signals to be transmitted to the speakers.

The two transformers are arranged in the centre of the RE-2 which reduce the influence of vibrations from the car.

The lower electric power consumption design is one of the important features of the RE-2. It can be used in any types of car due to the reduced load on the battery achieved by high transform efficiency. The RE-2 uses 2mA during waiting time and 3A during idling time.

Note: RE-20 amplifier is a lower price version based on RE-2.